Unified Signal MVNO Enablement
  • Multiple service enablement capabilities (Wireless, Home Telephone, Internet, IoT, ILD, Mobile Wallet, Prepaid Debit Card, Merchant Processing, Music Streaming, and soon Wellness Services)
  • Powerful front end private label POS portals
  • 100% supplier integration and automation
  • 100% turnkey private label solution
  • Complete billing flexibility (Prepaid / Post Paid / Hybrid)
  • 99.999% service uptime guarantee
  • Powerful private label Android & iOS Data App solution supporting all service offerings.
  • Complete payment gateways (B2B & B2C)
  • Integrated mobile banking product set
  • Proprietary AI based security system: AFIDS (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System
  • Open architecture using .NET interfaces
  • Clients have a low cost / quick speed to market
  • Flexible dealer / distributor support portals
  • Multi level marketing billing support.

Unified Signal Software Suite Overview:

Unified Signal MVNO Enablement

Unified Signal High Level Product Summary:

  • Unified Signal can provide clients with a complete wireless enablement solution including:
    1. Integration and access to major US wireless carriers;
    2. Corporate plan management along with cross carrier friends and family share plans;
    3. Powerful carrier audit management system proven to find many carrier billing errors;
    4. Complete API suite that allows clients to control their user interfaces;
    5. State of the art AI security layer to ensure hackers can not penetrate;
    6. Ability to enable additional brands of service in just days with little cost;
    7. Billing system supports the billing of: pre & post paid cellular with WiFi / VoLTE calling, home phone service, Internet, international long distance calling, mobile wallet & prepaid debit card, energy, music / IPTV video streaming, and medical services;
    8. User friendly and feature rich customer self-care module as well as customer service representative version, so as to allow customer service reps a more efficient way of managing customers.
  • Unified Signal can provide clients with a complete wireless enablement solution including:
    1. 85% approval rate and for remaining 15% we can offer a leasing solution;
    2. Complete API based solution with no pushing customer to third party sites;
    3. Clients have no bad debt and receive funds within 2-3 business days;
    4. Clients can use Unified Signal’s customer fulfillment resources to purchase and fulfill all phones approved through equipment financing.
  • Unified Signal can provide clients with its Wi-Fi Calling / VoLTE backhaul technology solution:
    1. No setup cost for implementation;
    2. Reduce wireless carrier costs by 33%-50%;
    3. Integration into all 4 major carriers;
    4. Android and iOS solution with all Peer to Peer Calling at NO Charge;
    5. Number Management (supports new number provisioning as well as customers porting in existing number);
    6. Domestic / International Class 5 switching;
    7. Complete APIs suite including integration source code;
    8. SaaS / cloud based and built into our core billing platform;

IT Server and Security Architecture:

5 Layered Security Infrastructure

  • Wireless Carrier’s secure data network;
  • AES 256 SSL encryption protocols within SSL layer;
  • Proprietary security code handshake & third / fourth party authentication;
  • Proprietary data storage and retrieval processes;
  • Proprietary AFIDS (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System);
  • AWS cloud hosted using autoscaling.

AFIDS Security Module: (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System)

  • Extremely Proprietary module used to protect customer information and prevention of fraud;
  • Involves “Ai” programming that allows the system to self monitor and actually evolve using sophisticated layers of intuitive reporting and self monitoring and self adjustment;
  • 2 step SMS security verification process to log into customer’s account;
  • Software works with cloud hosted solution to ensure outside penetration does not happen.

Private Label Mobile Phone Data Application:

  • Balance and transaction history;
  • Domestic and International money movement;
  • Pay for Goods and Services (Pending Payments);
  • Load funds onto system via credit card, checking / savings, and cash;
  • Move money off system via checking and savings, ATM, Visa / Mastercard;
  • Manages Wireless Services as well ad Mobile Wallet Account / Prepaid Debit Card Account all on one private label data application or integrate Unified Signal APIs to build your own data applications;
  • Developed iOS and Android applications to support finger print recognition, face recognition, and smart watch support.

FMS- Fulfillment Management Systems:

  • Clients and their distribution can complete their own end customer fulfillment or have fulfillment completed for them;
  • Clients can have one central place to address all their inventory needs;
  • Phones, accessories, and any add on equipment can be ordered and fulfilled with limited upfront capital and fulfilled to customer’s premise;
  • Unified Signal can handle complete logistics and end customer fulfillment or bulk distributor fulfillment;
  • Unified Signal supports end consumer equipment financing over 12 / 18 / 24 months at a very low interest rate.

Wireless POS- Internet Point of Sale:

  • Private label;
  • Can completely customize look and feel;
  • Multi lingual;
  • .NET infrastructure;
  • APIs available so client can build their own point of sale;
  • Completely integrated and automated with all needed suppliers;
  • Supports all carriers;
  • New phones and BYOD;
  • Support of equipment financing.

CMS- Customer Member Services:

  • Customer self care and customer service rep versions;
  • Trouble ticket creation, tracking, and process management;
  • Fraud protection / security levels;
  • Customer satisfaction index creation;
  • Multi-Lingual;
  • Easy to use and train;
  • Built in customer rating system to help reps better understand how to handle customers.

Client Administrative Portal:

  • Manage customers and trouble tickets;
  • Manage user access and security;
  • Monitor carrier transaction processing;
  • Create and manage genealogy and distribution;
  • Real-time inventory management;
  • Real time reporting;
  • Queue processor management.

Distributor / Dealer Portal:

  • Activate and/or replenish customer accounts;
  • Perform their own store level customer service;
  • Monitor supplier outages;
  • Help ticket access;
  • My Announcements control;
  • ESN swaps;
  • Manage logins for other possible clerks / admins;
  • Set and manage commissions;
  • Commissions reporting;
  • Mobile wallet management.

Genealogy- B2B Multi-tier Commissioning:

  • Clients can offer their distribution 5 tiered commissioning levels;
  • Commission levels: ISO, Master Agent, Agent, Dealer, and one additional level which is usually assigned to employee;
  • System automatically uses mobile wallet to collect commissions from dealers and can pay each level of genealogy automatedly using mobile wallet;
  • Create dealers and all rules associated with each dealer.

SQP- Supplier Queue Processors:

  • Heart of Unified Signal’s billing and rating engine;
  • Clients can monitor and view all job queues which monitor all transactions that system is performing or needs to perform;
  • All queues can be managed electronically so as to eliminate paper transactions;
  • Provides trust and accountability for system operations and if any one supplier goes down, the system queues up the transactions for when such suppliers come back online;
  • Manage fulfillment of inventory if client wishes to complete fulfillment services.

Billing and Rating Engine:

  • Clients can create any type of rate plan;
  • Billing engine built to bill for any type of service (pre and post paid);
  • Addresses commissioning;
  • Attachment of features;
  • Family plan billing capability;
  • Family plan billing capability;
  • Cross carrier data share plans;
  • Online bill presentment along with paper billing via XML integration with bill print suppliers;
  • Full CDR remediation.


  • Over 250 .NET SOAP XML APIs which allows clients to use an existing legacy billing system or create their own system. APIs include:
  • Activate / Deactivate;
  • Manage Customer;
  • Mobile Commerce / Prepaid Debit Card;
  • Mobile Wallet / Merchant Processing / Wi-Fi / VoLTE backhaul / Music Streaming;
  • System also generates rated or unrated CDRs for each Client and places them in a secure FTP site for clients to pick up in the event client wishes to use existing legacy billing platform.

Custom Reporting Module:

  • Clients can create custom reports and / or alerts. Schedule to run by: month, day, minute, or by trigger;
  • Reports are sent to secure FTP site, email, SMS, and reports can generate system actions;
  • New reports requests can be sent to Unified Signal and implemented in hours vs. days / weeks and at little to no cost to client;
  • Reports can be exported to excel;
  • Reports can be created to enhance Unified Signals AFIDS security protocols, making the system increasingly more secure and self monitoring.