Unified Signal High Level Product Summary:

Unified Signal Medical / Wellness Services:

Unified Signal is launching its white label wellness services which has 5 modules:

  1. Genetic Profile / History: Genetic summary of where a person comes from similar to what 23andMe and Ancestry.com.
  2. Disease Screening: Customer receives a screening for 3,300 genetic related diseases.
  3. Metabolism Analysis: Identifies a persons gene specific metabolism (Normal, Intermediate, Extensive or Ultra Rapid) which determines your bodies response to all prescribed drugs and most OTC medications.
  4. Allergic Substance Review and Analysis: This module determines your bodies response to: foods, pollen, trees, and other outdoor pathogens. This can also be used as an additional tool to check for medication allergies or even medication fillers or ingredients in the capsule. This information can also help people determine what foods are best for them.
  5. Drug to Gene, Drug to Drug, Drug to Illness and Drug to Life Style Reaction Analysis: Matches your meds and dosages to your DNA; eliminate adverse drug reactions by identifying potential drug allergies; receive warnings on dangerous affects of drugs with preexisting illnesses. Supports all prescribed drugs and most OTC medications.

Module 1: Genetic Make Up

Genetic Profile / History: Genetic summary of where a person comes from similar to what 23andMe and ancestry.com does for $120 to $200. Maternal and Paternal analysis is completed including the ability to screen for American Indian heritage which is lacking in comparable tests.

Module 2: Genetic Disease Screening

Disease Screening: Customer receives a screening for 3,300 genetic related diseases including: Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Down Syndrome, Parkinson's, Autism, ALS, and cancers such as: pancreatic, melanoma, breast, prostrate, colon, and even the elusive P16 gene mutation. This screening will let people know if they have the genetic disposition for these diseases. This will allow people to seek medical attention before the condition becomes symptomatic. This could help save millions of lives around the world with early detection and preventative care.

As more genetic related diseases are identified, all existing customers who sign up for the Unified Signal enabled Pharmazam Service will be analyzed and if there is a hit, the customer will be notified.

Module 3: Metabolism Screening

Metabolism Screening: Our genes determine what kind of metabolism a person has and how they will react to prescription and over the counter drugs. This technology allows the customer to be informed on what type of metabolism they have based on their genes. People can have a Slow, Normal, Intermediate, Extensive, or Ultra Rapid Metabolism. This information is vital for doctors to ensure they can provide the correct medication and dosages for their patients.

Module 4: Allergy Screening

Allergy Screening: As an addon to the basic gene testing, customers can request a complete allergy screening. With only 4 drops of blood, we can provide customers and their doctors with a complete summary of customer sensitivity to over 100 common inhalants and food allergies including latex and gluten.

Optimally, tests should be run every couple of years as over time, people can develop new allergies based on environmental conditions, geographical location, and other factors. The diagnoses of these allergies can be critical to long term health care for old and young people alike. This can also be used as an additional tool to check for medication allergies or even medication fillers and ingredients in the capsule.

Module 5: Drug to Gene Screening

Drug to Gene, Drug to Drug, Drug to Illness and Drug to Life Style Screening:This module analyzes how a person’s genes will interact with all FDA approved drugs and most OTC medications. This will help eliminate trial by error prescribing and additional treatment because the medication did not work or had life threatening side effects. This report will also help general physicians provide optimal long term health care for their patients.

As new drugs are released by the FDA, the system will analyze the new drug which may provide a potential benefit and a push notification and or SMS will be sent to the customer. They will even have access to this information prior to doctor notification.

Distributor Costs:

Wellness Product / Service Costs:

Below are the costs of the Unified / Pharmazam product set:

  1. Basic Test Kit: Test costs $200 to $170 based on volume and includes: genetic makeup results, full disease screening, metabolism analysis, and full drug to gene testing.
  2. Allergy Test Add-On: Allergy test add-on cost is an additional $200 to $155 based on volume.
  3. On-Going Wellness Service: The above tests will provide customers and their doctors with a one time full analysis of their genes. Clients can offer their customers a monthly service with a cost of only $1.25 per month which will provide their customers with the following services:
    1. Updates on any new drugs reactions from new drugs approved by the FDA
    2. Updates on all new diseases that are coded to.
    3. Updates on recommended nutritional information based on the customer’s gene profile.
    4. Customer’s that enroll with the Wellness Service, will also be provided with additional value added services such as: Wireless Service, Home Phone Service, Music Streaming, Mobile Wallet / Debit Card Services, Telemedicine and much more.

Pricing / Monetization:

Wellness Product Profit Streams:

Distributors of the Unified Signal Wellness Services can monetize product in 4 ways:

  1. One Time Profit on Test Kit Resale: Distributors can mark up the test kit to any retail price of their choice. MSRP is $250 - $500 per test. 23andMe charges $200 for just a fraction of the information that the Unified Signal product provides.
  2. One Time Profit on Allergy Test Add-On: Distributors can mark up the allergy test kit to any retail price of their choice. MSRP is $250 - $350 per test. The average cost of similar tests range from $200 - $500 and needs much more blood than is required for the Unified Signal test.
  3. On Going Residual: Distributors can mark up the $1.25 cost to make a monthly residual on the service. MSRP on the ongoing monthly service price is $2.00 - $3.00 per customer per month.
  4. Monthly Residual on Value Added Services Offering: Distributors can launch their own wireless, home telephone, mobile wallet & debit card services, and even music streaming services all bundled with the Wellness Services. Customers save money on their services which enables them to get their Wellness Services bundled for FREE and distributors can make $15 - $20 per customer per month in residuals on the additional value added services. Value added services can provide incentives for consumers to use the medical information provided to them.

Bundled Services Pricing Strategy:

Distributors of the Unified Signal Wellness Services can create a combined bundle of services that actually subsidize the price of the test, therefore making the test FREE for customers:

  1. Example Retail Offering: For $75 per month (2 year service agreement) customers receive:
    1. Unlimited Cellular Service (any carrier of choice) for 2 years which includes 2 mobile numbers (1 can be used for business and 1 for personal). Users can add additional family plan users at 50% discount off normal carrier retail rates.
    2. INCLUDES 24 months Home Phone Service including device customers can use to plug in their home telephone.
    3. INCLUDES 24 months Music Streaming account with access to over 30 million high definition songs that the whole family can listen to and enjoy. No more buying individual songs or listening to Pandora ads.
    4. INCLUDES Unified Signal DNA Test Kit including 2 years of service updates.
    5. INCLUDES Mobile Wallet and Debit Card account which is inclusive of the FREE domestic and world-wide real-time money movement feature. No more costs to move money to anyone in the world.
  2. Client Cost / Profit: Average Unified Signal client monthly cost for the above bundle is: $65 per customer per month. Client profit is: $10 per customer per month or $240 for the 24 months.
  3. Bank Financing: Customer will be financing $1,800 = ($75 x 24 months). Normal retail value for this bundle is $3,154 over the 2 years so consumers receive a huge bundling discount. Distributors will receive their profit of $240 within 5 business days of transaction being processed. There will be no merchant processing costs and no bad debt which means no bad debt collections expense. The bank takes on all collection and bad debt responsibility. Once the contractual 24 months are up, customer can continue on service and client will receive profit every month for those customers.

Test Kit Distribution:

Inventory Management:

Product supports 2 inventory delivery methods:

  1. Retail Store Inventory Disbursement: Test Kits can be ordered on consignment. Retailer will have 4 months to move inventory before they are charged $25 per unit. Retailers can charge consumers whatever retail price of their choice and keep all revenue on Test Kit. Example Test Kit MSRP: $29.99. Customer purchases test kit in retail store and follows direction on box which will direct them to an internet based test activation POS (Point Of Sale). Customer is then prompted to select the products and services that they want. All pricing in POS is dictated by Distributor. Any and all additional profit generated by the test kit sale and monthly service is paid to the distributor in the form of a monthly commission.
  2. No Inventory Internet Sales: Distributors who run out of physical inventory or wish to not carry inventory at all, can have their customers activate via a private label Internet point of sale system. Customer orders the test online which is then delivered to them via USPS. Customer completes and mails back the test kit to the lab using the prepaid shipping label. In this case, distributor again sets the retail price and is commissioned monthly for the difference between the retail price and the cost. Distributor is also commissioned all monthly residuals on all ongoing monthly service revenue.

Equipment Financing:

Inventory / Test Kit Financing:

Unified Signal offers customers equipment / test kit financing. For customers who may not have the financial resources to purchase the test, the system will offer them 12 / 18 / 24 month financing at very low interest rates.

This can be used for customers to buy a new cellular phone if wireless is offered as a value added service as well as the basic test kit and allergy add on module.

Unified Signal Value Added Services Offering

Unified Signal can provide genetic counselors as well as telemedicine services as a value added service:

  1. Genetic counselors can discuss DNA test results with customers who may not have a primary physician or who potentially do not have health insurance at all;
  2. Customers have access to medical doctors in US, Canada, and Mexico that can address 73% of the top 25 most common conditions; saving consumers time and money;

Data Application / Security:

  • Send Reports to customer’s Dr.;
  • Check medication compatibility in real time;
  • Input / Manage Existing Medications;
  • Input / Manage Medical History;
  • Input / Manage Drug Allergies;
  • Manage additional value added services: Wireless Account, Mobile Wallet Account, Debit Card Account;
  • Separate App for Music Streaming and Home Telephone / Cloud Calling account.

Wireless POS- Internet Point of Sale:

  • Private label;
  • Can completely customize look and feel;
  • Multi lingual;
  • .NET infrastructure;
  • APIs available so client can build their own point of sale;
  • Completely integrated and automated;
  • Supports affiliate marketing;
  • Support of equipment financing.
  • Supports the selling of value added services;

CMS- Customer Member Services:

  • Customer self care and customer service rep versions;
  • Trouble ticket creation, tracking, and process management;
  • Fraud protection / security levels;
  • Customer satisfaction index creation;
  • Multi-Lingual;
  • Easy to use and train;
  • Built in customer rating system to help reps better understand how to handle customers.
  • Support all value added services including Wellness services

Wellness Services- Comparative Analysis: