Unified Signal can provide clients with its Wi-Fi Calling / VoLTE backhaul technology solution:

 Wi-Fi Calling / VoLTE backhaul technology
  1. No setup cost for implementation;
  2. Reduce wireless carrier costs by 33%-50%;
  3. Integration into all 4 major carriers;
  4. Android and iOS solution with all Peer to Peer Calling at NO Charge;
  5. Number Management (supports new number provisioning as well as customers porting in existing number);
  6. Domestic / International Class 5 switching;
  7. Complete APIs suite including integration source code;
  8. SaaS / cloud based and built into our core billing platform;

Benefits of UNSI Wi-Fi / VOLTE Data Backhaul Calling / Messaging:

  • Significantly reduce carrier costs (up to 40% - 50%) which will increase profitability per customer and again increase subscriber valuations.
  • Better coverage and call quality for customers which drives better customer experience and therefore reducing churn and increasing subscriber valuations.
  • SaaS / Cloud based solution which decreases time to market and allows Unified Signal to not charge setup / implementation fees.
  • Unified Signal provides and supports the end to end solution including all class 5 switching; and solution includes a complete API suite so clients do not need to switch billing platforms if they already use a legacy billing system.
  • Solution works in all WiFi areas AS WELL AS in areas supported by the carrier’s wireless data network. Solution works for Android and iOS devices.

"This product is 3 years in the making and is a pivotal technology to launch to our clients. Our WiFi / VOLTE data backhaul product allows clients to increase profits, lower retail pricing, and even target a market segment that they could never have been able to reach in the past."

CEO, Paris Holt

Wireless Customer Benefits and Features:

  • Android uses a one number solution (incoming and outgoing calls). Customers have one number identity and client does not have to manager additional numbers from LERG for incoming call routing.
  • Easy customer set up and customer can bring their own phone vs having to buy a special proprietary phone.
  • SMS and MMS are also supported as well as the ability for customers to port in their existing mobile number.
  • Product can be created and marketed to all customers who already have their core wireless service direct with the carrier as well as for existing MVNO enabled wireless customers.
  • Product can be quickly and easily integrated in national and international Wi-Fi networks so customer can use their phone all over the world as if they were in their home market.

Consumer Differentiation & Target Market:

  • This technology can be used strictly to reduce wireless carrier costs or can be used to generate additional profit so clients can bundle FREE music and or video streaming with the customer’s rate plan.
  • For the first time in telecom history, new types of rate plans can be created and marketed to consumers: Example: Customer pays $5 per month which could include an active mobile number and 100 included minutes / SMS / MB of Data. Customers then pay $.004 for all voice overage minutes, $.002 per SMS, and $.015 per MB. Average usage customers, will save 40% off what they are paying now with the carrier and families can save over $600 per year.
  • Great for ethnic community as when family members all over the world sign up, then peer to peer calling is free therefore eliminating costly ILD bills. This combined with our FREE international move more technology, is a powerful combination.
  • Great for corporate plan customers as phone will work anywhere in the world as long as customer is in a Wi-Fi calling area. Free peer to peer calling is a great value for large corporations as they can easily cut their wireless bills by 60% per month or more.

LTE / Wi-Fi Calling and Messaging:

Wi-Fi / VoLTE Calling Operating System Compatibility:

Mobile Client Highlights:

Android software clients enabling standards-based VoWiFi

  • GSMA IR.92 PRD Compliant Android Client
  • Runs as background task on device
  • Full mobile feature set on Wi-Fi(e.g. Calling, SMS/MMS, SS, ...)
  • Transparent user experience on cellular and Wi-Fi(e.g. native dialer)
  • Configurable Wi-Fi First or Cellular First operational modes
  • Automatic and manual handover from Wi-Fi to CS Network
  • Automatic and Manual PS-PS handover
  • Codecs supported - AMR-WB/AMR/G.711/G.729
  • Advanced QoS for best user experience (WMM, Jitter Buffers, ...)
  • Unlike "Native/Embedded" Clients, not restricted to newer models
  • Secure Access to Core Network - IPSec/TLS and SRTP

User Experience: Making a Call

No change to existing user behaviour. Mobile Client works in background to direct call over correct radio interface.

UI In Call Features and Options

User Experience: Sending an SMS

Mobile Client provides a new default messaging App that provides a seamless messaging experience across cellular and Wi-Fi

Key Benefits

Allow subscribers to use any Wi-Fi network worldwide for calls and messages as well as use the US carriers LTE data network as well.

Compliments UNSI Wireless Carrier Wholesale Coverage

  • Enable subscribers to make Wi-Fi calls when traveling internationally
  • Launch competitive Wi-Fi first and Wi-Fi only plans. Example launch $5 or $10 calling plans and market to existing customers still direct with the carriers. Great for young kids and older adults.

Advantages of UNSI Platform

  • Offer VoWiFi / VoLTE to subscribers faster with a cloud based hosted solution
  • Pay as you grow model
  • Reduce support costs with UNSI managed deployment
  • IMS and IP services suite provides a path to next-gen communication flexibility
  • One implementation across all 4 major US wireless carriers
  • NO cost to implement
  • Be completely unique in the marketplace and differentiate from other wireless offerings


Over 250 .NET SOAP XML APIs which allows clients to use an existing legacy billing system or create their own system. APIs include:

  • Activate / Deactivate;
  • Manage Customer;
  • Mobile Commerce / Prepaid Debit Card;
  • Mobile Wallet / Merchant Processing / Wi-Fi / VoLTE backhaul / Music Streaming;
  • System also generates rated or unrated CDRs for each Client and places them in a secure FTP site for clients to pick up in the event client wishes to use existing legacy billing platform