Mobile Wallet / Prepaid Debit Card Enablement Suite:

Unified Signal Mobile Wallet product is divided into 2 product suites (Mobile Wallet and Prepaid Debit Card each with its own balance):

  1. Mobile Wallet Program (Virtual Savings Account):

    A simple private label PayPal type of service where customers can load money via cash, credit card, micro-loan, US checking / savings account, and receive money from other mobile wallet users. Customers can move funds off their account to any US checking / savings account, to other mobile wallet users, make ILD calls, request payments from other mobile wallet users, or move money to a Prepaid Debit Card. Mobile Wallet accounts have no monthly fees and money is FREE to move to anyone anytime. Program is multi-lingual and supports any and all fiat currencies used around the world.

  2. Prepaid Debit Card Program:

    Customers can choose to add on an optional prepaid debit card which provides customers access to domestic and international ATM networks as well as the ability to use their funds anywhere Visa / Mastercard is accepted. Money can be FREELY moved from a customer’s mobile wallet account to their prepaid debit card in real-time and all using a state of the art private label data application or APIs. Customers can also order a Prepaid Companion Card and mail that card to loved ones abroad or international customers can order cards in their local country. All Unified Signal customers can freely move money to each other anywhere in the world, in real-time, and for FREE. Customers can then use their funds anywhere Visa / Mastercard is accepted as well as take funds out at virtually any ATM around the world.

"Our objective with this product is to provide customers as well as merchants with a way to accept payments for goods and services and allow people to move money to other people all over the world for FREE and in real-time. The ultimate goal is to one day eliminate the need for physical currency."

CEO, Paris Holt

PayCard / Payroll Support:

Unified Signal’s Mobile Wallet / Prepaid Debit Card supports payroll distribution:

Payroll cards are a payment solution to help businesses reduce payroll costs, increase efficiency, and build employee loyalty. The ideal alternative to paper payroll checks is a reloadable prepaid debit card that can be used to pay both W2 and 1099 workers. Each pay period, the employee’s pay is instantly loaded onto the card. Employees can then use their card everywhere Visa / Mastercard is accepted, and can get cash out at millions of ATMs worldwide.

Funds al all FDIC Insured and program is locked down and secure, making this program a much safer and cost efficient solution than carrying around paychecks.


  • Issue payroll from terminals or ship cards directly to employees;
  • Employers significantly reduce payrolls costs;
  • Completely automate payroll with APIs;
  • Completely white label
  • Employee receive funds in real-time and at no charge;
  • System supports payday loan support;
  • System supports free and real-time money movement to friends and family anywhere in the world;
  • Supports virtual savings account and checking account for unbanked demographic;
  • Private label data application and prepaid debit card;
  • Load prepaid debit card via check capture or via mobile wallet.

Mobile Wallet / Prepaid Debit Card Enablement Ecosystem:

B2B Merchant Processing for physical retail locations:

Allows traditional on-premise merchants the ability to integrate their physical cash registers into the Unified Signal’s mobile wallet technology stack, therefore allowing customers to pay for goods and services through their Unified Signal enabled mobile wallet and all with NO processing fees saving merchants from paying 1.5% to 3.5% of their revenue to credit card processing fees as well as virtually eliminating any and all bad debt.


  • Retail brick and mortar retail stores;
  • Taxi cab / ride share;
  • Street commerce;
  • Government supply chain;
  • Non manned vending machines;
  • Charitable donations;
  • SOHO- Small business ability to collect money for goods and services.

B2B Merchant Processing for eCommerce transactions:

Allows online eCommerce merchants the ability to accept payments from customers quicker and in a more secure manner. eCommerce merchants can accept these customer payments all while incurring NO processing fees saving merchants from paying 3% to 5% of their revenue to credit card merchant processors and again all transactions are guaranteed to have no bad debit.

Program Benefits:

  • Makes traditional ecommerce transactions faster, more secure, easier for customers, and all at no cost to the merchant;
  • Allow online merchants to capitalize on cellular phone based ecommece which is growing exponentially in the marketplace;
  • No bad debt, no more storing credit card information, therefore no more cyber hacks to get sensitive credit card information.

Private Label Mobile Phone Data Application:

  • Balance and transaction history;
  • Domestic and International money movement;
  • Pay for Goods and Services (Pending Payments);
  • Load funds onto system via credit card, checking / savings, and cash;
  • Move money off system via checking and savings, ATM, Visa / Mastercard;
  • Manages Wireless Services as well ad Mobile Wallet Account / Prepaid Debit Card Account all on one private label data application or integrate Unified Signal APIs to build your own data applications;
  • Developed iOS and Android applications to support finger print recognition, face recognition, and smart watch support.

AFIDS Security Module: (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System)

  • Extremely Proprietary module used to protect customer information and prevention of fraud;
  • Involves “Ai” programming that allows the system to self monitor and actually evolve using sophisticated layers of intuitive reporting and self monitoring and self adjustment;
  • 2 step SMS security verification process to log into customer’s account;
  • Software works with cloud hosted solution to ensure outside penetration does not happen.

IT Server and Security Architecture:

5 Layered Security Infrastructure

  • Wireless Carrier’s secure data network;
  • AES 256 SSL encryption protocols within SSL layer;
  • Proprietary security code handshake & third / fourth party authentication;
  • Proprietary data storage and retrieval processes;
  • Proprietary AFIDS (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System);
  • AWS cloud hosted using autoscaling.

Mobile Wallet- Internet Point of Sale:

  • Private label;
  • Completely customizable look and feel;
  • Multi lingual and multi currency (solution supports over 150 fiat currencies);
  • .NET infrastructure;
  • APIs available so client can build their own user interfaces;
  • Completely integrated and automated with payment processing suppliers for credit card loads;
  • Complete US and international IDV / KYC (identity verification);
  • Customers can load via checking / savings account at point of sale;
  • Support to activate in over 100 different countries all over the world;
  • Customers can opt to have a prepaid debit card mailed to them, which will allow money to be moved from mobile wallet to prepaid debit card in real time and for FREE.

CMS - Customer Member Services for Mobile Wallet:

  • Customer information management;
  • Password / PIN management;
  • Create payment methods;
  • Send money;
  • Load money;
  • Schedule loads and payments;
  • Transaction history;
  • Secure login with 3rd party authentication;
  • Multi Lingual;
  • Move money from mobile wallet to prepaid debit card;
  • Nickname management

Mobile Commerce Communications Suite:

  • Ability for distributors to communicate with end consumers via mass email, SMS, or Unified Signal data’s data application all through one custom and easy to use UI;
  • Customize the subject, message, and priority;
  • Segment customer base by distributor or demographic area and tailor messages to certain customer groups;
  • Upload and manage your own coupons, advertisements, etc;
  • Can be used to remind customers to pay bills or call customer service for an urgent issue that needs to be addressed or simply to push traffic to retail stores via custom designed ads.