Beacon Based Functionality Suite

  • Use Beacons to initiate mobile wallet payments. Customers can pay for products using Unified’s mobile wallet solution initiated from location based beacons. Clients have little to no cost of payment processing and no bad debt.
  • Beacons can be positioned in a retail environment to provide clients with customer traffic pattern analysis.
  • Beacons can be used to trigger real time proximity based messages / advertising to customers.
  • Data acquired from customer can provide clients with valuable consumer data which can help clients increase customer satisfaction and optimize customer profitability.

Beacon Based Payment Initiation

Merchants can integrate beacons to initiate payments from customer’s mobile wallet account. Customers can pay for goods and services through their mWallet and with NO processing fees saving merchants from paying 1.5% to 3% of their revenue to credit card processing fees.

Beacon Based Real Time Traffic Pattern Analysis


  • Retail brick and mortar facilities as well as outside venues.
  • Track customer movements to better optimize sales positioning.
  • Determine where customers are visiting most and when to help optimize staffing and promotional offerings.
  • Help maintain security in areas that are not available to the public.
  • Help manage customer experiences and better control payroll expenses.

Beacon Initiated Customer Communications / Advertising


  • Target customer communications based on proximity based beacons.
  • Create special consumer offers and refine customer experiences based on actual consumer movements.
  • Push special offers to customers upon visiting special locations.
  • Provide customers with product information and promotional videos based on location.
  • Provide detailed reports on all interactions with customers for future data mining and target marketing.

Consumer Data Mining / Target Marketing


  • Track and store customer demographic information and buying behavior of your customers.
  • Build a consumer profile which can trigger email, mCommunicate, or SMS communications from Unified Signal clients to their customers to increase buying behavior.
  • Leverage the acquired data to better create special and custom promotions, offerings, and experiences to your customers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.