Unified Signal can provide clients with the ability to bundle high definition music streaming services to its customer base:

  1. 34 Million music tracks;
  2. 1st month free trial;
  3. High definition format that’s higher definition than even Tidal or Spotify;
  4. Completely private label service including data application;
  5. Service can include radio streaming much like Pandora;
  6. Service can be bundled with wireless service providing for a unique product offering to consumers;
  7. Featured artists of the day;
  8. Radio Station by your favorite artist;
  9. Download your playlist to listen offline;
  10. View My Top Charts by Artists, Albums, and/or Tracks;
  11. View your My Top Charts by Week, Month, Year, and/or All Time;
  12. Ability to pick specific genre of music you prefer;
  13. Ability to choose specific artist of your choice;
  14. Connection to new released tracks, same day;

Customize your own way of listening to your favorite jams.

  • Create your own playlist;
  • Unique playlist name;
  • Assign a photo or GIF to identify the playlist;
  • Ability to allow app to provide suggestions for the customized playlist;
  • Share playlist with your family, friends, and/or public;
  • Create keywords for example: Travel, Energetic, New Country (these keywords will help the app suggest tracks and artist for your playlist;


  • Allow children to listen to parent approved music
  • Ability to choose from thousands of songs from Disney, favorite child movie,
  • Parent sign out security
  • Customizable KIDS playlist label


  • Safe option while driving
  • Popular and Featured playlist plays automatically when selected
  • Ability to create specific playlist for just AUTO