Unified Signal, Inc. 2016 Letter to Shareholders

Kirkland, WA -- (Marketwired) -- 1/5/2017 – Unified Signal, Inc. (OTCQB: UNSI),
Dear Shareholders,
2016 was our most exciting year in our 19 year history. As is customary at the end of each year, I wanted to take this opportunity to recap our achievements for 2016 and layout our objectives for 2017. This was an especially important year for us, as we were able to complete some very critical R&D projects and lay the foundation for strong revenue growth 2017. To summarize who we are, Unified Signal (www.unifiedsignal.com) is a SaaS (software as a service) based billing and back office solution, which, enables companies in virtually any industry sector to resell services using their existing brand. Unified Signal’s turnkey billing enablement solution allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple services, including wireless, local, long distance, Internet, and mobile wallet / debit card services. Unified Signal’s technology infrastructure allows clients to implement faster, have much more control of the system, and be far more cost efficient than other competing systems. Unified Signal has successfully integrated with all 4 major U.S. wireless carriers, which has never been completed by any other competitor in the space. Unified Signal also enables its clients to private label their own “PayPal” type service, including a full mobile wallet linked to a debit MasterCard.

Major Milestones of 2016:
Addition of New Wholesale Clients: In 2016, Unified Signal on-boarded 3 additional clients, one of which was Kurtis Blow’s Hip Hop Global Mobile (www.hiphopglobalmobile.com). Kurtis Blow is an American rapper and record producer and an American Hip Hop legend. Kurtis was the first commercially successful rapper and the first to sign with a major record label. Kurtis has exclusively partnered with Unified Signal to launch his Hip Hop Global wireless service, which will be focusing on offering wireless services bundled with FREE and unlimited music streaming. In 4th quarter 2016, we launched Hip Hop Global Mobile and we are now working on creating the ability to deliver the included music streaming of over 30 million tracks.

Expansion of Unified Signal’s Internally Owned and Operated Wireless Brands: In 1st quarter 2016, Unified Signal acquired 2 internal brands (Puppy Wireless and DataJack). The acquisition of these subscribers is helping to transform the company’s revenue model. This small acquisition was a 12 month beta test to determine if a larger rollup strategy to buy additional customers in the upcoming years would be a viable customer acquisition strategy. With 12 months of data to analyze, the subscriber acquisition has been deemed a complete success and has already paid for itself by the end of 2016, with the added bonus of growing the subscriber base each month. This customer acquisition strategy, coupled with the expansion of our own wireless brand, MyTime Wireless (www.mytimewireless.com), which was launched in December 2015, is allowing Unified Signal to increase its revenues from $.50 per customer per month, to more than $40 per customer per month in revenue.

Launching of International Transfer of Money Suite: Unified Signal has spent the last 2 years implementing its proprietary domestic and international move money strategy. In 3rd quarter 2016, Unified Signal completed and launched its domestic and international move money suite. This disruptive technology allows Unified Signal’s clients to add domestic and international money movement to the companies already feature rich mobile wallet enablement suite. Our client’s customers can now move money anywhere in the world for FREE and in real-time. Our partnership with MasterCard has been extremely successful and our client’s customers can now access their funds anywhere MasterCard is accepted and funds can be withdrawn at virtually any ATM around the world.

Launching of Equipment Financing: For the last 18 years, Unified Signal clients were able to compete head to head with actual wireless carriers within almost every aspect of the wireless industry, except with regards to equipment. Customers have always been able to walk into a carrier store and purchase a new phone and make monthly payments on that phone. The lack of equipment financing in the wireless resale industry has forced wireless resellers to focus on customers that already have their phone. This limits growth potential and overall customer satisfaction. Over the last 12 months, Unified Signal has been putting the necessary suppliers and systems development into place so as to add the ability to finance equipment, which completely levels the playing field for our clients. This new functionality opens up an entirely new market for wireless resellers and enables clients to come up with very exciting activation promotions linked to customers who finance their equipment. This technology is in beta now and will be launched into production in January 2017.

Launching of WiFi and Voice over LTE Backhaul: For the last 2 years, Unified Signal has focused a great amount of its R&D efforts on launching a technology that allows our wireless clients the ability to cut their wireless carrier costs in half. To complete this, Unified Signal decided to become a wireless carrier and terminate all voice calls, SMS, and video messaging originated in areas where the customer has access to public or private WiFi anywhere in the world. Our technology also allows us to use the carrier’s high speed LTE network to terminate voice, SMS, and video messaging. This state of the art technology works with both Android and iOS operating systems and is mostly seamless to the customer. Customers can also talk and text to any customer using the Unified Signal technology for FREE anywhere in the world, making the solution great for domestic and international companies as well as families. End users could easily cut their wireless costs by 50% by using this technology and our clients can still maintain healthy profit margins. This is a first of its kind technology launch and will allow Unified Signal to provide its clients a tremendous competitive advantage and product differentiator in the marketplace. This technology is being showcased at the 2017 CES show in Las Vegas and has the potential to be a complete game changer for the wireless resale industry.

Partnership with Amir Bayyan: Over the last 18 years, we have been introduced to so many amazing industry executives and business partnership opportunities, but once in a great while, a relationship forms that could fundamentally have such a positive impact on the company, that we need to form a stronger bond between that person or company. Amir Bayyan, song writer, producer, and lead guitarist for Kool and the Gang has been added to the Unified Signal Board. His connections in the music industry, as well as in corporate America, has led Unified Signal to bring Mr. Bayyan in as a partner in the company and, with his help, the company will be able to better achieve all of the milestones it has set for itself.

2017 Milestones:
Addition of Music Streaming Enablement to its Operating Platform: With the launch of Kurtis Blow’s Hip Hop Global Mobile, Unified Signal has had the opportunity to better understand the music industry, and together, both companies have been putting the necessary technology and supplier eco system in place to offer a music streaming technology similar to Tidal, Apple, and Spotify. This will allow Unified Signal to expand its enablement services to include music streaming. The strategy is to allow our clients the ability to include FREE music streaming to all their wireless customers. Customers will, for the first time in the history of the music industry, have access to over 30 million songs included in their core wireless service offering. This music streaming enablement also ensures a much higher residual payout to artists and distributors supplying the media content. It’s a win / win for record labels, artists, distributors, and the end consumer.

Addition of IPTV Enablement to its Operating Platform: With the launch of Music streaming later in 2017, Unified Signal sees the natural progression to also launch and enable our clients to offer IPTV video streaming services. Customers will have access to virtually all TV shows, sports events, and thousands of premium and classic movies. Customers would then be able to choose between FREE IPTV video streaming, OR music streaming, with their core wireless service and if they wish to, they could purchase the other service for a small upcharge of $6.99. We are also adding the ability for high profile clients to create their own TV channel, which will allow them to stream their own proprietary content to their customers. This has opened up Unified Signal to better support the music industry as well as other high profile celebrity client brands.

Equity Round of Funding / Subscriber Expansion: Unified Signal will, for the first time, be raising an equity round of financing to support the launch of its music streaming and IPTV enablement product suite. This round of funding will add a great deal of public shares to the float, which will help the company trade more and more shares on the open market and thereby create more liquidity for the UNSI stock. As it stands today, there is very little float that is not owned or controlled by the company or its insiders, which has kept the stock very stagnant and artificially low due to low trading volumes. This equity round, coupled with a great deal more revenue in 2017, will enable the stock to finally trade more openly and allow the stock price to finally gain in value and normalize to a more realistic valuation of the company. This round of funding will allow the company to acquire an additional 200,000 customers in 2017, which will bring revenues to over $50M in 2017 based on our new revenue model.

You can learn more about Unified Signal by visiting our website at www.unifiedsignal.com; www.mytimewireless.com; and www.mytimewallet.com. You can also keep tabs on us, and our progress, by following our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Please stay tuned in 2017 for more press releases that will keep our shareholders up to date on all our progress throughout the year. We are also working very hard to release all our 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, and 3rd quarter Qs over the next 30-45 days to get all of our SEC compliance requirements up to date. Unfortunately, we lost a key employee last year to cancer, which left us a little shorthanded on the finance side, but we have found a very strong replacement and we will now be back on track shortly.

Thanks to all our amazing clients, partners, and suppliers. I am very fortunate to have a great eco- system of people and companies surrounding us and helping us achieve our milestones year after year. I continue to wake up every day excited to continue to transform our business and build the value of the company for our shareholders. A special thanks to our management team who works extremely hard every day to ensure that our future is bright and our shareholders are well rewarded for their investment and continued faith in our company and our vision.

Paris W. Holt
Chief Executive Officer
Unified Signal, Inc

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