• Global Service / Technology Enablement
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Wireless Services

Enabling clients to launch their own brand of wireless service in U.S. using multiple carriers and a complete white label BSS/OSS solution. Learn More

Home Telephone Services

Enabling clients to launch a second line of service integrated with their cellular phone, which can also be used as a home telephone service. Learn More

Wi-Fi Calling Product Suite

Enabling wireless resellers and wireless carriers with a B2B voice over Wi-Fi / voice over VoLTE & 3G solution to help reduce carrier costs and increase product differentiation in the marketplace. Learn More

Mobile Wallet / Debit Card

Enabling clients to launch a private label suite of financial services including: mobile wallet, debit card, banking, merchant processing, and international move money functionality. Learn More

Payroll Card Services

Enabling companies to pay their 1099 and W2 employees on a private label debit card reducing costs of payroll to $0 and all at the same time providing employees access to their money faster, cheaper, and more control of their money. Learn More

Music Streaming

Enabling clients to launch their own private label music and radio streaming service with access to over 30 Million songs. Music streaming can be bundled with wireless services or sold as a stand-alone product. Learn More

Wellness Services

Enables clients to resell a new state of the art DNA based wellness service, which includes FDA / OTC drug to gene reaction analysis, genetic disease related interactions, and genetic ancestry analysis. Learn More

Strategy Consulting

Unified Signal assists its clients on how to better leverage the Unified Signal technology stack to better maximize client’s revenue and profitability and at the same time reducing customer churn. Learn More

TV Streaming

Completely private label solution or choose to launch an existing generic brand to reduce costs and speed to market. Learn More

Welcome to Unified Signal

Over the last 19 years, Unified Signal has launched a diverse suite of enablement services to provide our clients with a complete turnkey BSS/OSS solution supporting a wide variety of consumer driven services. Clients can also integrate into Unified’s technology stack through .NET APIs and completely build their own system as well as integrate into an existing legacy billing system.

  • Full Billing and Operating Solution
  • Wireless Carrier Access
  • Low Cost to Market
  • 30 days to Launch
  • 19 Years of Experience in the Marketplace
  • 100% Turn Key White Label Solution
  • Complete Private Label Data Application
  • Prepaid / Postpaid Support
  • 99.999% Uptime SLAs
  • API Integration Available
  • Optional Customer Service
  • State of the Art Proprietary Technology
  • Proprietary Mobile Wallet
  • Custom Development Available

"We wanted to create an enablement suite that allows our clients to resale any type of service including telecom, financial services, music streaming, and even wellness services. Our mission statement is to obtain better economies of scale, greater functionality, and increased profitability for our valued clients."

CEO, Paris Holt

What's New

Unified Signal continues to invest heavily in R&D and is working on expanding the products and services that it supports.

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Unified Signal Services Overview

Services Overview

Unified Signal services overview (PDF).

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Wireless Carrier Access

Bring your own carrier agreement or use an existing client's direct contract.

Merchant Processing

Consumers can send / move money to any other consumer using the technology.

API Support

Helps you maximize the amount of automation possible.

Product Fulfillment

Clients can buy inventory from world class product distributors.

Carrier QA

A carrier infrastructure that helps save on costs and increase scalability.

Private Label Portals

Turnkey solution with access to 120 APIs for systems to integrate.

Pre/Postpaid BSS OSS

Solutions for implementation and integrated automation.

Private Label CRM

Expand on existing distribution channels and maximize marketing dollars.


Reporting models to help clients price their services and manage their business.